Spam Spam


Juan Rasner


Spam, Spam
Thick and chunky
Taste like ham
Smells like monkey.

Itís covered in jelly
That glistening pork
Itís so very slippery
So you must use a fork.

I once heard a story
About how itís made
They use all the parts
That donít make the grade.

Some say itís great
And call it a treat
I say I hate
How it smells like my feet.

You may wonder why
It lasts so long
But a meat thatís forever
Is ever so wrong.

Itís supposed to be pork
From the choicest parts
But I think its organs
Even the hearts.

It makes a great sound
As it slides out with a ďTHWUNK!Ē
Like a beast giving birth
To a slimy meat hunk.

If you say you donít like it
I know you have lied
So how do I eat it?
Well, I like it fried!

If you like my poem
And I know that you do
Youíll love the next one
Spam, Spam part two.